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Best Wedding Cakes Designs You Should Go For?

A delicious and lovely cake is most definitely the highlight of a wedding reception. It represents the bond between the bride and groom and is usually customized and designed as per their personal preferences.
While selecting the flavors, textures, colors, and components of your wedding cake can be super fun and exciting, you can also get baffled with the plethora of options available to you. Therefore, to make your task a little easier, we have narrowed down these top 10 Wedding Cake Designs that you can consider for your special day.

#1 Cake with a Wedding Couple Miniature

Who doesn’t want to see a miniature version of themselves sitting on top of their wedding cake? It is an old yet excellent concept which makes your wedding cake totally adorable!
The miniature doll versions of the bride and groom are typically made from fondant and the color scheme can be matched as per the theme of the reception or your preference. You can go for an all-white cake or select light pastel hues for the icing.

#2 Rustic Semi-Naked or Naked Cakes

Some couples like their cakes subtle and sober with minimal frosting. For them, Rustic Naked Cakes are the best option as they include just the right amount of frosting as decoration. Generally, these cakes have small flower-shaped designs and accessories made with fondant or modeling chocolate. They look fabulous in all kinds of shapes and sizes.

#3 Ruffled Cakes

Ruffled cakes ooze out a very light and airy vibe and look extremely alluring, especially in small and intimate gatherings. The ruffles are made out of sweet sugar cream or fondant and designed in an elegant manner. Not only do they look very pretty but taste unbelievably decadent as well!

#4 Metallic Cakes

Believe it or not, metallic cakes are taking the wedding cake industry by storm! The shimmering finish paired with a sophisticated and glam effect is truly unmatched. That’s why these cakes are becoming more and more popular among young couples who want a subtle yet impactful centerpiece for their ceremony.
The metallic appearance is rendered by using edible paint. You can also accessorize this cake further by adding some fondant flowers or lace detailing.

#5 Multi-texture Layered Cakes

These cakes are perfect for those who are fond of extravagant displays and grand settings. They consist of multiple layers with each layer featuring a different texture and design. When the cake is so eclectic and ostentatious, it is bound to be the focal point of the event and will impress anyone who lays their eyes on it.

#6 Color Tinted Cakes or Painted Cakes

Painted Cakes are perfect when you want to follow a particular theme. Whatever theme you decide, it will be painted on the cake. With a vibrant color palette and eye-catching hues, these cakes look utterly gorgeous and the flavors can be customized as per your individual choice.

#7 Cakes with Ombre Effect

We all know that the ombre effect looks stunning on our hair. But did you know that it is used as a cake decoration as well?
Ombre cakes are super fun to design and look ravishing with the varied blend of colors. You just have to choose your favorite hues, going from lighter to darker shades. They consist of a simple design but if you want to add a few embellishments, you can do that too!

#8 Geometric Cakes

Geometric cakes are the best example of modern age cakes that require a great amount of skill and expertise to be created. This category of cakes is totally different from our conventional cakes. When it comes to customization or design, the scope is endless! Unlike the traditional circular shape, geometric cakes are available in various shapes such as triangles and squares which provide a contemporary feel to them.

#9 Flower Cakes

Flower cakes are simply timeless. Regardless of the occasion, these beauties are perfect for anything. If you can’t place your finger on a particular cake, just go for a flower cake and you won’t regret it. With their spectacular designs in the form of roses, lilies, sunflowers, orchids, etc., flower cakes are no less than a brilliant masterpiece.

#10 Lacy Cakes

Lace is synonymous with romance. Thus lace cakes, without a doubt, are the perfect choice for a wedding cake. From intricately piped designs to handcrafted lace, these bold confections are a stunning work of art that will bewitch everyone with their charm and beauty.
At Let’s Go Dutch, we specialize in curating spectacular wedding cakes to enhance the beauty of your nuptials and add sweetness to your celebrations. Connect with us to get the perfect wedding cake you always dreamt of!
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