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How can you design your own cake through the ‘DIY Tool’?

No matter the occasion, a cake is an inevitable part of every celebration. It is one delicacy that no one can refuse. And if the cakes are customized to the party theme, they quickly become the center of attention. It is a favorite among the guests and children love the delicious goodness too!
Every special occasion calls for a gorgeous customized cake rather than a plain traditional cake. A specially designed cake adds a unique charm to the celebration that will make it much more spectacular. For instance, if you are celebrating your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary, an ordinary cake will not do. How about you design your own cake? This thoughtful gesture will surely be remembered by your parents for a long time. 
With Let’s Go Dutch, you won’t have to settle for a plain old cake. Our exceptional DIY Cake Tool is a novel platform to show your creativity and design the perfect cake for your celebration. Here is a detailed guide to tell you how to use this tool.

Step 1

First and foremost, you need to decide the flavor of the sponge or bread. The sponge is the basic foundation of the cake. It is that fluffy part that makes the cake moist and soft. You can choose from exciting flavors like Coffee, French Vanilla, Red velvet, and of course chocolate. If you’re having a big party, you can select the 2kg option too.

Step 2

Now it’s time to determine the frosting. This is what makes a cake melt in your mouth and mesmerize your senses with its creamy texture. The frosting is used to coat the entire cake and enhances its appearance. It will certainly make your cake look much more appetizing. There are a plethora of options for you to decide. We suggest that you choose a flavor that compliments the flavor of the sponge.

Step 3

Filling adds a luscious element to your cake. It provides a supreme sense of satisfaction when you cut the cake and the rich filling oozes out. Be considerate about your previous choices when you select the filling flavor. Each flavor should be in sync with each other for an outstanding result. The most popular fillings at Let’s Go Dutch are Praline and Salted Caramel.

Step 4

Now comes the most exciting element of your cake designing process and that is, the decorations. After all, your cake needs to look as delish from the outside as it is from the inside! With decorations, you can experiment as much as you want. From vibrant and colorful fondant flowers to luscious dark chocolate curls to rainbow sprinkles, these decorations will make your cake magnificently alluring.

Idea or Inspiration

In case you have a reference picture of the cake that you want, you can upload it to our website. It can be anything! Maybe a princess cake, a superhero cake, or a cake with elaborate designs.
For this, go to the home page on our website where there is an icon of ‘create your own cake’. Click on ‘create’. It will take you to a page where there are two alternatives. You can either use the DIY Tool and design your own cake as explained above or you can click on the next option and upload your favorite cake picture. Once you have uploaded the picture, pick your desired cake flavor and size. With this option, you can even get a huge 10 kg cake handcrafted from our skilled and professional team!

After choosing the size and flavor, enter other details and any additional information you want to provide. If there is a special message you want to be written on the cake, just type it out in the message box. That’s it! Now, sit back and relax. Our expert chefs will take it from there. They will bake your cake exactly the way you want!

All the delicacies at Let’s Go Dutch are made from scratch to provide them an essence of originality and traditional baking. Browse through our online bakery store to order delightful and mouthwatering treats. You will surely find something that you have never tried before!

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