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Top 5 Trending Custom Cake Designs

Be it a wedding anniversary, birthday party, festival, or any other celebration, the trend of designer custom cakes is blooming. Not only do they add a personal touch to the festivities but also look extremely appealing to the eyes. With the escalating popularity of these cakes, they have become a mandatory factor in all kinds of celebrations and everyone is looking for some design inspirations that they can use.
The world of baking is flourishing with new cake designs that are prepared especially catering to a particular theme, occasion, or preference. From intricate patterns to graphic designs to accessorized cakes, the choices for custom cakes are endless and at times it can get a little overwhelming to choose one. Therefore we have shortlisted top 5 trending custom cake designs for you. Take a look!

Ring of Rosettes Cake

This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cake. Suitable for most of the occasions, the Ring of Rosettes Cake is truly a masterpiece with its intricate rose-shaped designs. Apart from beautiful roses made from flavored icing, this cake contains other designs like stripes or polka dots. The color scheme of the cake can be decided as per the occasion and the flavors can be incorporated (for sponge, icing, and filling) according to your personal preference.

The Pastel Delight Cake

Whether it’s the world of fashion or the world of confectionary, no one can deny the charm of quirky and cool pastel shades. They are totally in right now!
The Pastel Delight Cake gets its name from the light pastel shades used for the decorative layer of frosting. The base of this cake can be made from any flavor of your choice (chocolate, French vanilla, coffee, etc.). Typically, this cake is adorned with warm vanilla icing and pastel sprinkles that will surely woo both kids and adults. The elegance and allure of this cake lie in its simplicity. It also allows you to get a custom text iced on the cake which will give it a personal touch.

Theme Based Cakes

Nowadays, people of all ages prefer theme based cakes for their birthdays. These cakes usually depict a specific theme through their designs and look immensely alluring.
While for kids, superhero-inspired or cartoon character based theme cakes are very popular, adults prefer cakes that are related to the theme of the occasion that they are celebrating like Valentine’s Day, anniversary, wedding, etc. The best feature of these cakes is that they can be multicolored, multilayered, and generally have very few limitations when it comes to the design.
At Let’s Go Dutch, you have the option to upload the picture of the desired cake on our website and our experienced chefs will replicate its design as closely as possible with the flavors of your choice!

Blooming Floral Cakes

Flowers are a symbol of beauty and elegance for ages. That’s why people tend to gravitate towards floral cakes for most of their celebrations. From small events to grand occasions, these cakes are perfect for nearly everything! Just let us know what kind of flowery patterns you would like and our chefs will take it from there. You can get these cakes made in different colors, textures, and layers as per your choice and celebration.

Cake based on your hobby

There are no boundaries when it comes to one’s hobbies and interests. Be it singing, dancing, art or a particular sport like football or cricket, a person will love to see a cake that is designed according to their most cherished hobby. These cakes are an amazing option especially to celebrate the birthday of a special loved one. They will surely make the occasion all the more memorable. Moreover, these cakes can be customized according to their favorite flavors and colors as well.
These are just a few ideas that you can use for a theme cake, but when it comes to customized cakes, everything boils down to your imagination and creativity.
When Let’s Go Dutch is there to create the most complex cake designs, you can go all out with your imagination. Just tell us what you want and we will make it for you!
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