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Treat your mind with a pastry

Don’t suppress the cravings of the tired mind. It has been running non-stop since its creation.


Instead, treat it with delicious pastries filled with extreme taste and delicious flavors.


We at Let’s Go Dutch, are offering you a heavenly experience with each of our top 5 pastries.

Cappuccino is one of our favorite dishes, we order on most of our visits to Cafe. And pastry is something that fills our mind with an indescribable feeling of pleasure. So, you can imagine the out-of-the-world feeling to be received from the combination of them.
Our Cappuccino Pastry offers you a heart-melting mixture of soft and moist cake sponge with a delicious flavor of coffee and layered with delicious buttercream. This mesmerizing experience will certainly make your day.
We all are certainly aware of chocolate’s anti-depressing effects and it also helps in boosting memory. And if that mighty delicious chocolate is offered with Pastry, there will be hardly anyone to be able to deny it.
Let’s Go Dutch offers a heavenly mixture of delightful cream frosting and soft layers of cake, inviting everyone to add it as one of the most delicious tastes of a lifetime.
Anyone can hardly deny the unique combination of tongue soothing flavors of chocolates and nougat. We are offering exceptional flavors of chocolate combined with delicious nougat in the form of a unique pastry.
So, instead of just letting your mouth water by imagining the exceptional taste, come and experience it at Let’s Go Dutch.
Chocolate and Buttercream always make a delicious combination in any form.
Here at Let’s Go Dutch, we are offering a heavenly pastry made out of that mesmerizing combination of delicious buttercream and exceptional chocolate layers.
Leave all your worries behind by enjoying that unique creation of us.
Can you resist yourself from appreciating a pyramid, that too in form of an exceptionally delicious pastry?

Let’s Go Dutch has brought the mouth-watering effect of Belgian chocolate together with delicious buttercream. That deadly duo is served to you in the form of a treating soft sponge with an out-of-the-world taste.

Visit this beast in the world of taste at Let’s Go Dutch.

Hope we have made your cravings much stronger. To get rid of those cravings, visit our website and order your favorite pastries in a very reasonable price range.
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