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Trending Fusion Desserts in the year 2020

India is the birthland of phenomenal desserts and sweets that are renowned all over the world due to their rich flavors and uniqueness. Now, in their effort to create something more interesting, chefs are coming up with dishes that are the best of both worlds – that is, a blend of exquisite flavors from the east and popular delicacies from the west. Result? Completely new and exotic indo-western aka fusion desserts that are bound to leave you asking for more!

With a scrumptious medley of flavors, these desserts have gained immense popularity and are hugely in demand for special celebrations like receptions and weddings. Here, we’ve narrowed down our favorite fusion desserts that are highly trending and will surely add variety to your party menu.

Chocolate Gujiya

Traditionally, gujiya is a sweet dumpling that is filled with nuts, sugar syrup, and milk solids. Popularly served on the festival of Holi, this delicacy has a special place in the heart of every Indian. Recently, these sweet delights have been given a chocolaty twist and named chocolate gujiya.

Packed with delish chocolate chips on the inside, wrapped in cinnamon powder, and drizzled with chocolate syrup, chocolate gujiyas are absolute heaven for all chocolate enthusiasts.

Apple Jalebi

Our all-time favorite jalebi needs a change from time to time. Don’t you think?

As the name suggests, apple jalebi is an excellent blend between apple/fruit extracts and a typical jalebi. The best part about these desserts is that they are extremely healthy! So if you are health conscious or tend to stay away from sweets due to health reasons, these are definitely for you.

Ricotta Cheese Rasmalai

Rasmalai is a famous decadent Indian sweet that is made from cottage cheese or Chenna balls soaked in reduce sweetened milk and flavored with nuts, ilaichi powder, and fragrant saffron.

When it comes to ricotta cheese rasmalai, the rasmalai is made in the traditional way, but the dumplings or balls are prepared with baked ricotta cheese instead of cottage cheese.

Thandai Mousse Cake

Even today, thandai is served as a refreshment in many Indian households. With the perfect amount of sweetness and a subtle flavor of cardamom, this rejuvenating drink is surely a delish treat on its own. But again, we can always improvise! How about a thandai mousse cake? It is a delectable fusion of thandai syrup, whipped cream, chocolate ganache, and crunchy dry fruits.

Mango Phirni

Even though mango is not really a western fruit, the combination of mango and phirni is certainly something new and worth giving a shot. The flavors of the two really complement each other and bring an enticing taste to the palate.

Gulab Jamun Cheesecake

This fusion dessert is the most popular of all! It is a great example of how innovation and skill can be used to combine the most popular delicacies of the east and the west. In this, the light and creamy flavors of cheesecake mingle with the delicate sweetness of gulab jamun, and trust us, this dessert has a huge fan following all across the globe!

Butterscotch Toffee Sheera

This is a soft and sticky toffee-like sheera that is topped with cool butterscotch pudding sauce. With the sweet flavor and aroma of butterscotch, this combination of sheera and butterscotch is absolutely drool-worthy and perfect to be served at parties and receptions.

Coconut Apple Barfi

For centuries, apples have always been included in western desserts such as cakes, pies, crumbles, and many more. But can you imagine them in a coconut barfi? Just like the apple jalebi, this sweet delicacy will entice your tastebuds in the best way! There are two types of coconut apple barfi. One in which small apple chunks are included in the barfi mix, and another in which apple extract is used.

Last Word

In the world of culinary arts, every day a new fusion dish is invented. These were some of the most sought-after fusion desserts in the year 2020.

Others such as Avocado Kalakand, Jamun Ice-cream, and Carrot Halwa Trifle also deserve a special mention. You can include one or more of these on your wedding menu to offer something new and exciting to your guests.

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