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Valentine’s Day Cake Ideas

You know what they say -if your partner is willing to share their dessert with you, they are the one!

There’s something about sweet delicacies that fills a special occasion with love and happiness, making it even more memorable. And when you treat your sweetheart with a decadent and delish cake, you are bound to earn a few extra brownie points!

Take a look at the mostsort after cakes of the season that you can share with your beloved this Valentine’s Day.

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Raspberry Cakes

Over the years, chocolate has become a symbol of love and affection. And let’s admit, no one can say no to a chocolate cake!What’s not to love after all?

If you want to woo your Valentine with something immensely heart-warming, then try the little heart-shaped chocolate raspberry cakes.Stacked with dense chocolate layers, raspberry cream, and a glossy chocolate ganache, these cute little treats pack a burst of divine flavors that are too hard to resist.

Strawberry Delight Cake

It is the season of pinks and red. So, how about a dreamy strawberry cake? Not only does it look fabulous but also tastes heavenly.

The Strawberry delight cake is a delectable dessert covered with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting and filled with fresh strawberries. If you want to do something different than a chocolate cake, just go for this one!

Choco- Caramel Cake

With the perfect combination of sweet and salty flavors, the choco-caramel cake is a signature cake. The alternating layers of luxurious chocolate and salted caramel will tantalize your Valentine’s taste buds in the most amazing way!

Ice Cream and Cookie Dough Cake

There’s a kid inside all of us who still loves sweet cookie doughs and ice creams. Now bring your childhood fantasies to life with this multi-layered ice cream and cookie dough cake.It contains alternate layers of scrumptious custard-style ice cream, spongy chocolate cake, and raw choco-chip cookie dough. Playful and indulgent, this is a Valentine’s Day dessert that everyone will fall in love with.

Chocolate Truffle

This Valentine’s, treat your loved one with a silky and sensual dessert. Chocolate truffle cake is a timeless delicacy that never fails to mesmerize our taste buds. The decadent layers of whipped chocolate ganacheand creamy glaze are a chocolate lover’s fantasy!This chocolaty treat will definitely put you and your sweetheart in a romantic mood.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cake

Superrich and super delicious, the dark chocolate peppermint cake is aparadise for your sweet tooth. With actual candy chunks in the batter, the sweetness works exceptionally with the refreshing mint flavor (great breath refresher for post-dinner kisses *wink* *wink*). And let’s not forget the drool-worthy chocolate ganache topping!

Blueberry Cherry Cheesecake

Immenselydelish, the blueberry cheesecake is an indulgence in the true sense of the word! Bursting with sweet blueberries from inside and out, this hearty dessert has an elusive light yet rich creamy texture. The filling of blueberry compote is present to swoon your senses with a mixture of sultry flavors. This incredibly fluffy and moist cake is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.

Classic Red Velvet

Red Velvet is the ultimate king of all layered cakes!And the gorgeous red hue of the sponge goes perfectlywith Valentine’s theme!With a buttery combination of vanilla and chocolate flavors, this cake is supremely light and has a mouth-melting texture. Now, layer on the love with a red velvet stunner!

Devil’s Chocolate Cake

In a mood for something naughty? Go for the devil’s sinful chocolate cake that has an immensely fluffy base covered with luscious whipped dulce de leche frosting.While devouring this lovely cake, you and your Valentine will fall in love all over again.

Hope this article will help you find the perfect cake to celebrate this season of romance with your partner. Need more ideas? Visit our website and browse through the exotic selection of signature cakes and desserts. And that’s not it!Let’s Go Dutch has come up with an exclusive range of Valentine’s Cakes that are available for pre-booking! Call us now!

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