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Why is Tiramisu Cake the new favorite of everyone?

Tiramisu Cake has rapidly become the new favorite of everyone. With an exceptional mix of creamy mascarpone cheese and Savoiardi cookies, this decadent Italian espresso infused cake is just too hard to resist!

At Let’s Go Dutch, we have given an incredible twist to the traditional Italian dessert and turned it into a delish layered cake. Want to know more about this intriguing dessert and what makes it so different? Keep reading.

What is Tiramisu?

The name, ‘Tiramisu’ is an Italian word which means “cheer me up” or “pick me up”. It is quite apt since this delish dessert never fails to cheer you with its succulent and unique blend of flavors. Originated in Italy, this popular dessert comprises of Italian coffee-soaked ladyfinger biscuits or Savoiardi, rich and luscious mascarpone buttercream, and bold flavors of cocoa and espresso.

Indulgence at its best!

Tiramisu is probably one of the finest culinary creations of Northern Italy. When we talk about desserts, Italy has curated some of the most pleasurable recipes that are famous worldwide. Even though it is relatively a new invention, you can find Tiramisu or one of its variants on the menu of almost every reputed restaurant or bakery. With the delicate and diverse ingredients, this iconic dish is the perfect indulgence for your sweet tooth.

What’s inside it?

A beautiful harmony of impactful flavors, the traditional recipe of Tiramisu basically contains a sponge cake dipped in coffee, mascarpone, and chocolate powder with a light drizzle of Marsala wine.

Italian ladyfingers or Savoiardi is one of the main components in both Tiramisu and Tiramisu cake. They are a popular variety of biscuits in Italy that marks their origin in the 15th century. These savory sponge cake cookies were first prepared to welcome the visit of the King of France and were later known as “official court biscuits” as a symbol of local cuisine.

The stark contrast between the textures of the creamy and silky layers of Italian custard and crispy Savoiardi makes an intense yet refined dish. The darkly robust flavors of cocoa and espresso give a serious caffeine kick while the brandy-fortified Marsala wine provides a pleasing sweet buzz. Finished with a light dusting of cocoa powder, the Tiramisu cake looks enticing and appetizing.

Try the delightful and delectable Tiramisu Cake at Let’s Go Dutch which consists of all the essential ingredients of the original Tiramisu dessert. While keeping the authenticity intact, we have given it our own personalized touch to further accentuate its rich flavors.

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